Hunger Action Month Highlights Critical Need

In thinking of Food Day, it is important to think about those who might not have access to the nutritious food options many of us enjoy. Food, a fundamental human need, is not something that is enjoyed equally by all. More than 800,000 residents of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts seek emergency food assistance each year.

As we prepare for Food Day in October, we should also consider that September is Hunger Action Month, a national initiative to “Speak Out Against Hunger”. Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick realizes the importance of this initiative, and has issued a proclamation to make September 2012 Hunger Action Month in the Commonwealth.

A family on a SNAP budget has just $4 per day to feed each member of the family, an unthinkable budget for many. It’s difficult to go out to lunch without spending at least $10. How do you feed your family on such a restricted budget?

How about a family of four, working, but making just $45,000 per year? This household income means the family won’t qualify for any assistance at all, and yet the average cost of living in Suffolk County for a family of that size is $72,000. These families make tradeoffs between rent, heat, fuel, medicine and food each and every day.

This month, Hunger Action Month, as you enjoy the bounties of the fall harvest, consider ways you can help give back to the community in which you live. As we enter fall, and begin to consider plans for the next big Thanksgiving feast, let’s also think about ways we can get involved to make sure every family is able to enjoy a wonderful meal on Thanksgiving this year.

Everyone has a role in ending hunger in our community.

For ways to get involved and “Speak Out Against Hunger” this month, Visit


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