This Food Day, Visit ChopChop at Shaw’s and Give Your Family a Supermarket Education

Supermarkets are the perfect place to get kids excited about cooking-it’s like being in a museum where they are able to touch, smell, and sometimes even taste (if there are samples or demos.) At a supermarket, kids are literally surrounded by food and it provides a great opportunity to discuss positive food choices. Take a tour together of the supermarket and show them which aisles have the healthiest selection.

Food Day is a great time to visit your local supermarket and share this time together. And ChopChop may be in your local market this Food Day!

We’re teaming up with Shaw’s, Cabot, and the New England Dairy Promotion Board to get kids cooking. Stop by any Shaw’s or Star Market this Wednesday October 24 (Food Day!) and you will find copies of ChopChop. You’ll also find a booth where Cabot and Shaw’s representatives will be making Crazy Bobs-fruit and Cabot cheese kabobs. Get your kids involved in the process of making snacks and take a ChopChop recipe card home so they can recreate the kabob.

Kids may even want to go shopping to purchase their ingredients. For Crazy Bobs, let children peruse the produce section and choose their own fruits and vegetables. Then stop by the cheese section and do the same.

  ChopChop is a quarterly, non-profit cooking magazine aimed at ages 5-12 and their families that encourages kids to get in the kitchen and try new foods by cooking them.

ChopChop’s mission is to inspire and teach kids to cook and eat real food with their families. The magazine was launched as an antidote to childhood obesity. We believe that cooking and eating together as a family is a vital step in resolving the obesity and hunger epidemics.

How to find ChopChop:

Visit for recipes, games, and fun food facts and to subscribe to ChopChop.

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