Tea Leaves of Innovation in South Boston

Tea CuveeThe “Foodie” events are Mass Innovation Nights’ most popular monthly Product Launch Parties events for the wide variety of new products including consumables, unique service providers, new technologies and fresh new takes on traditions.  One of the featured products at the August 14th event is Tea Cuvée, a premium cold brewed tea produced in South Boston.  It contains no sweetener that’s packaged in an elegant, slender wine bottle with a black label that gives this non-alcoholic beverage a distinctive look.

There are two current offerings from Tea Cuvée

Moonlight: A light and fragrant tea made with the finest white tealeaves. These leaves are so precious that they are freshly picked at moonlight so as not to spoil their delicate properties. This tea has beautiful floral aromas with hints of apricot and jasmine.  Moonlight pairs well with crisp fruits, fresh cheeses, and light desserts.

Amber: A richer, more full-bodied tea made with a lightly roasted oolong.  This unique flavor combines the savory and fragrant elements of rosemary with fresh and luscious orange zest.  Amber pairs beautifully with aged cheeses and grilled meats.
Tea Cuvée is an interesting example at the crossroads of Food Day’s support of healthy, affordable and sustainable products and  Massachusetts vibrant innovation communities.

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