Essex County and Food Day

By Sara Lee

How often do you stop to think about your food? Not just the constant question of, ‘What is for dinner?,’ but beyond that- What has gone into the making and processing of your food? How did it get to your table? Are you getting the most out of your food for you and your family? As we all know, food has a strong influence on our health and well-being, so it is important to have access to nutritious food.

According to, Essex County has the same number of grocery stores per capita as the state of Massachusetts. However, the diabetes rate, adult obesity rate, and low-income preschool obesity rate are all higher in Essex County when compared with the Massachusetts average rates. This Food Day, ask yourself questions about what food resources are around you, and how your family uses them. The Lynn Food and Fitness Alliance wants to help you celebrate Food Day learn more about Eating Real this year with several events in the community. Stay tuned for information about events happening the week of October 17th and wrapping up on Food Day, October 24th, including grocery store tours, dinner and education sessions, movie screenings, and even a Zumba lesson at the Lynn Farmers Market.

For more information about Food Day and how other communities are celebrating it, check out these resources:


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