Spreading the Word of Food Day through Health Centers

by Jacqueline Minichiello, MS, RD, LDN

Neponset Health Center

Food Day

With Food Day being a nationwide celebration of healthy, affordable, and sustainably produced food, it is fitting that Neponset and Geiger Gibson Community Health Centers take part in this celebration. Besides providing health care, our staff works daily to get patients the access they need to food whether it is through our WIC Program, our food pantry or by way of our financial counselors who help with the process of health insurance and SNAP enrollment. We also have a dietitian on staff to help patients focus on healthy eating. The importance of having healthy and affordable food for all is not lost on us! Our events this year will be for both patients and staff. This is our first year getting involved in Food Day and we are very excited to share what we have planned!

 1)      Information Center for Patients and Employees – we will have a booth set up with information on what Food Day is all about, nutrition information, SNAP and WIC information and giveaways.

2)      An Apple Crunch! – this is the first one in Massachusetts! Staff and patients will all bite into an apple donated from a local farm at the same time – 12:15pm on October 24th. We will also have a short discussion on what biting an apple means for our food system.

3)      Staff Healthy Potluck – staff will bring healthy dishes to share during lunch time. Certain criteria will be outlined for the dish.

4)      Five a Day Challenge – it is recommended to have 5 servings of fruits and vegetables every day. Surveys from our staff wellness initiative indicated that 75% of the people who filled out the survey did not meet this goal. Therefore, we will challenge staff and patients to eat the recommended amounts on October 24th – and then continue it every day going forward!

5)      The Fresh Truck – we will have a mobile farmer’s market come to Neponset Health Center (Time TBD).



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