Sidekim Foods Celebrates Food Day in a BIG way!


Join Sidekim Foods for their third annual Food day celebration!

Sidekim Foods is a local Food Service company specializing in wholesome, healthy from scratch meals for various nutrition programs. Since 2008 Sidekim foods has grown to provide over 10,000 Healthy meals daily for Preschools, Schools, and Elderly Programs.

In one week Sidekim Foods will join the nationwide celebration of food day by providing nutrition education and healthy food for a community wide event. What is Food Day exactly?  Food day is an opportunity for everyone to stand up and fight for their health, environment, and work equality. Our food system today is broken and together we can begin to fix it. Celebrating food day and promoting nutrition education is important to Sidekim because they believe that it is possible to deliver high quality, nutrient dense, healthy meals to children and seniors. Sidekim Foods will do their part by focusing their event on children. One-third of America’s children are overweight or obese, and what this statistic tells us is that our children are in desperate need of nutrition education. Nutrition education starts by teaching children where food comes from and the differences between fresh local REAL food and Processed Foods. This year on food day children will get to try different local greens & lettuces and compare them to store bought versions. They will also get to create a Lettuce wrap with local lettuce and other fresh vegetables. This hands on demonstration will get children excited to eat a fresh healthy meal all while learning where their food is coming from. Sidekim will also have other food demonstrations to showcase that creating a healthy from scratch meal can be easy and affordable.  Food Day also presents the opportunity to expose processed foods such as  sugar sweetened beverages and how little nutritional value they offer. According to the American Journal of Nutrition, the consumption of sweetened beverages or soft drinks has been associated with weight gain and obesity. Sidekim will have a “what’s in your drink?” display were both children and adults will get to see just how much sugar is actually in the most popular drinks. Teaching children what’s in processed foods and how these foods can have detrimental effects on their health and bodies is the first step in Nutrition education. Also by showing them What REAL food looks like, how good it tastes, and how great it is for the body, can lead to a butterfly effect of smarter choices, better health, academic success, and a happy life. After all we are what we eat!

Please join us at the Sidekim Culinary Center on Friday October 24th from 5:00pm-8:00 pm

82 Sanderson Avenue, Lynn MA, 01902

There will be various food demonstrations, smoothie samples, educational displays, healthy affordable shopping lists for all, basket raffles, cookbook raffles, various local vendor displays, and recipe cards for all!

Please RSVP By E-mail or Phone!

781.595. FOOD