Food Day at Babson College

By Rachel Greenberger, Director of Food Sol at Babson College



Babson Food Day_Market_2013




Food Sol is an action tank for food entrepreneurship of all kinds. We live at Babson College (where I got my MBA) and host Babson’s annual Food Day celebration. At Babson, we live and practice entrepreneurship every day, which gives our campus its energy of curiosity, creativity and possibility. As we see it, entrepreneurship is a life skill, a mode of operating in the world and a mindset. It’s available to anyone, and that means anyone can be an entrepreneur. You could be one.

To be an entrepreneur, you assess your desire, identify your resources at hand (e.g. relationships, information, skills), take an affordable action step, learn from that step, and then decide what to do next. You act, learn and repeat.

On October 23rd, Babson Food Day features a “menu” of events on campus stretching across the day. While we’re a business school, our Food Day programs are not geared exclusively toward the business community because food is everybody’s business. Babson Food Day is designed to be open, accessible, inspiring and relevant to everyone. As with all things Food Sol, you can come and go as you please.

Every single one of us is an eater entrepreneur.

Every single one of us can influence our own plates, our families, our communities through food.

Every single one of us is on a food journey.

Every single one of us has a food story that matters.

Come share yours.


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