Fresh Truck’s Food Day Festivities


Fresh Truck will be celebrating Food Day with Haley House and youth from the Hawthorne Youth & Community Center by hosting a series of hands-on educational activities and programs centered around food justice, urban agriculture and food retail business. This local business is committed to bringing more access to fresh food to communities in Boston’s neighborhoods and is spreading the word on Food Day!

Fresh Truck operates 312 sq ft. mobile indoor/ outdoor food markets and food-health learning spaces out of converted school buses. They host weekly food markets and interactive educational programs that promote cooking literacy and nutrition education. Fresh Truck partners with health centers and other community organizations to combine healthcare services with access to affordable, healthy food.


Fresh Truck, Boston’s only mobile food market, today announced it will re-launch its weekly Mobile Market and nutrition education programs on September 15. Additionally, Fresh Truck has added a second truck to its fleet, and will hit the road with valuable new partnerships and a “refreshed” look. With this launch, Fresh Truck will play a critical role in Boston’s healthcare ecosystem, providing families with access to a reliable source of fresh nutritious food.


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