MIT Food and Agriculture Club


Feeding the growing population while eliminating negative social, economic, and environmental consequences is a critical challenge facing the world today. It is also an opportunity to create a more sustainable, equitable global food and agriculture system through collaboration, innovation, and leadership.


The MIT Food and Agriculture Club (FAC) brings together students – and other MIT community members – to coordinate and support work in the areas of food and agriculture. Beyond advocating for and supporting the development of a more sustainable food system on the MIT campus, the FAC also works to enhance MIT’s role in contributing to global agricultural sustainability.

Specifically, we seek to increase the MIT community’s awareness of, and participation in, food and agriculture related events, incorporate food and agricultural sustainability into programming and coursework, and promote collaboration between MIT students, faculty, and food and agriculture industry practitioners.

Food Day is a great opportunity to do this, and MIT FAC is excited to share the Food Day events and activities happening across greater Boston with our members.

Participating in events like Food Day is especially important for the FAC this Fall, as we are collaborating with other student group on campus to promote action against climate change by sponsoring the Climate Countdown. Climate change will impact the food and agriculture system significantly, and we want to increase awareness about the associated challenges of food production and environmental degradation. 

There is a growing level of interest in food systems among MIT students and community members, stemming from last year’s Sustainability Summit on Farming, Food, and the Future, and the newly created J-WAFS Water and Food Security Lab.

And we believe this is a critical time for meaningful change: the MIT administration is actively considering action against climate change. No one person, or even student group, can make a difference alone. But we believe that together, backed by the power of MIT, we can truly have an impact.

The FAC is excited to show our support, and to harness this momentum as we kick off another great year of events and activities, including a case competition, farm trek, tasting events, industry-leading guest speakers…and much more!


Hope to see you there, and have a delicious Food Day!

-Sarah Nolet, MIT FAC President


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