Kids Cooking Green!



To Celebrate Food Day on October 24th, Kids Cooking Green- Kid Advisory Sidney Goldinger is hosting an open house at Silk Fields Farm, her family farm, in Lexington from 9-11am. Sidney’s learning the ropes of the farm and provides her bio below. For information, contact or her mother Kim

“My name is Sidney Goldinger. I am currently a freshman at Lexington High School. I live on Silk Fields Farm and have learned a lot about how it runs and the animals there, and am looking forward to participate in classes with Kids Cooking Green involving Silk Fields. I’m also hoping to to participate in any part of Kids Cooking Green – I love working with younger kids and cooking!”

Other events Kids Cooking Green is doing that week include: KCG is taking kids from Peirce Elementary After School Program in Newton on a farm field trip to Newton Community Farms. Fiske Elementary students from Lexington are being introduced to Terry Golson and her chickens, then learning how to cook with local eggs. Hamilton-Wenham kids through the Rec Dept. will be cooking with local pumpkins. At the Kennedy Center in Charlestown, pre-school kids will be learning about bees and making granola with local honey. Bee-licious!

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