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Green City Growers Disrupts Local Food Industry in Boston

erik-150x150Green City Growers transforms unused space in urban environments into flourishing urban farms. The Somerville, MA company founded in 2008, was inspired by small businesses that installed rooftop gardens in California. The company’s mission reflects the values of the company’s founding.

“Green City Growers transforms unused space into thriving urban farms, providing our clients with immediate access to nutritious food, while revitalizing city landscapes and inspiring self-sufficiency.”

The projects at Green City Growers are transforming the ways local food businesses operate.

  • The organization boasts the largest rooftop farm in New England — a whopping 17,000 square foot farm on the rooftop of a Whole Foods supermarket in Lynnfield, MA.
  • The organization created the first rooftop farm in the greater Boston area about 3 years ago at the Ledge Kitchen & Drinks in Dorchester.
  • Thanks to Green City Growers, the b.good burger restaurant in Boston builds its mozzarella salads with the 1,000 pounds of tomatoes and 500 pounds of collard greens that are grown on the roof each year.

The company focuses more than partnering with local businesses. Education and community outreach is a key aspect of the organization. Green City Growers teaches people how to build and install private gardens in homes, schools, places of worship, private home and schools.

A unique program of Green City Growers is an education program at five public elementary schools in Beverly, MA. A local farmer comes once a week to the schools to teach third graders how to grow their own food. The program reaches 300 – 400 elementary students. This program is a one-of-a-kind in the United States.

Beverly Opening Day

If you’re interested in learning more about Green City Growers check out their website at


“Connected Food” Event in Cambridge, MA

In celebration of Food Day, a team of independent food activists from Boston’s Food and Tech Entrepreneurship Meetup Group and Boston’s General Assembly is hosting an event on October 23rd for people interested in food and technology.  The event highlights the work of local food technology companies located the greater Boston area. The event features several panelists discussing innovative approaches to different aspects of the food system. The intention of the event is to unite members of the food system in Boston and inspire revolutionary changes from farm to table.

The event is a “passion project” of Lauren Abda, a graduate of Tufts University who focused her studies on Food Policy, Nutrition and Entrepreneurship. Lauren attended Assembled Food in New York City earlier in 2013 and was inspired to unite similarly enthusiastic food and tech entrepreneurs in Boston.  She has helped organize events including Food and Beverage Entrepreneurship Night at the Venture Cafe in the Cambridge Innovation Center and ‘From Farm to Tablet, A Startup Feast’ with the MIT Enterprise Forum’s Innovation Series. She also runs a meetup group called Food and Tech Entrepreneurship that aims to unite the community of innovators transforming the food industry through tech.

The event consists of two panel discussions about “Innovation in Production and Distribution” and “Innovations in Vending and Consumption.” The moderator is Adam Salomone, an Associate at the Harvard Common Press and co-founder of the Food Loft. Harvard Common Press is a cookbook publishing company based in the South End of Boston. The company recently launched the Food Loft, a co-working space for emerging food and tech business. Tickets are $15 in advance and $20 at the door.

From Farm to Market: Innovation in Production & Distribution

JD Kemp, Founder of Organic Renaissance Food Exchange, ORFoodEx

Joshua Resnikoff,  Founder, of Cuppow

Igor Kharitonenkov,  Co-Founder of Bootstrap Compost

Jeff Barry, Founder of Boston Organics

From Market to Consumer: Innovations in Vending & Consumption

Alessandro “San” Bellino, Owner of The Coffee Trike

Miles Masci, Director of Operations at Perfect Fuel Chocolate

Justin Robinson, Co-Founder of Drizly

Matt Kiernan, VP Marketing of LevelUp

You can reserve your ticket and find out more details about the event here.