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Everett Community Growers



Everett Community Growers (, a program of the Everett Community Health Partnership (ECHP), is working to improve health outcomes and increase civic engagement among Everett residents through urban agriculture and other food justice initiatives. Membership is comprised of residents and local organizational leaders committed to food justice.

Everett Community Growers (ECG) is one of three recipients of a US$15,000 grant from the Nature’s Path Organic Foods Gardens for Good contest. The grant will allow ECG to expand urban agriculture initiatives in Everett and begin donating organic produce to Bread of Life, an emergency food bank in Malden.

ECG will celebrate this victory for urban agriculture in Everett at a Food Day celebration on October 24, 2015 at Common Ground Coffee Roasters, located at 1727 Revere Beach Parkway in Everett from 10 AM – 2 PM. Residents will have the opportunity to engage with a map of potential sites, provide input to the planning process, share their food stories, and enter to win a beautiful gift basket.

Surveys will take place in 2015 to ensure that ECHP and ECG reach intended demographics with nutritious foods. Residents of Everett have demonstrated a high need for urban agriculture in the City of Everett, which is characterized by urban density, low healthy food access, high prevalence of nutrition-related diseases, and high rates of environmental injustice.

ECG currently operates two community gardens on Florence St. and on Tremont St., administrating 30 garden plots and planning events for many garden members. A land assessment completed in summer of 2014 by an ECG team identified vacant parcels suitable for urban gardening and urban farming, from which a third site for a new garden will be chosen for the summer of 2016. ECG is soliciting new member applications, and the expansion made possible by the grant will allow new gardening spaces for community members who are currently on a waiting list.




Brookline celebrates its First “Real Food” Drive!

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The Brookline community will come together this fall and bring attention to healthy food and food insecurity among residents.

“One for me… one for the Brookline Food Pantry.” With this tagline, the Town of Brookline invites residents to celebrate National Food Day on October 22, 2015 by shopping at the Brookline Farmers’ Market on Centre Street and purchasing fresh produce for Brookline Food Pantry clients. On Thursday, Oct. 22, from 1:30 PM until dusk, shoppers can buy extra fruits and vegetables and drop off donations in the easily found bins under the big green tent at the manager’s table. Food collected at the market will be distributed to food pantry clients at the Egmont and St. Paul Street locations that same afternoon and on national Food Day, October 24th. Suggested donations include easily stored fruits like apples, and root vegetables such as sweet potatoes and carrots, squash and tomatoes.

“Brookline Food Pantry clients seldom get to prepare meals with fresh products, but through community efforts and partnerships, we can change that. We hope that at the Real Food Drive at the farmers’ market, residents will buy extra produce to help the over 800 families being served at our pantries work towards a greener diet,“ stated Rene Feuerman, Brookline Food Pantry Director.

Food Day is a nationwide celebration of healthy, affordable and sustainably-produced food and a grassroots campaign for better food policies. This year, through a partnership with the Brookline’s Farmers’ Market and the Brookline Food Pantry, Brookline shoppers will celebrate by providing fresh produce to food pantry clients, rather than donating canned goods. In existence for 25 years, the Brookline Emergency Food Pantry estimates it had more than 6000 client visits in 2014, indicating a greater need for donations.

The Boston Area Gleaners


The Boston Area Gleaners, Inc. is dedicated to rescuing surplus crops for people in need. With the help of volunteers, we glean (harvest what is left over) from farm fields in eastern Massachusetts, and distribute the fruits and vegetables to hunger relief agencies in the Boston area.

Our work benefits farmers, who hate to see the food they’ve worked hard to grow go to waste. Gleaning is also a fun and rewarding activity for volunteers. And most importantly, gleaning provides fresh and healthy produce to individuals and families who may not otherwise be able to access it.

We are very excited to participate in Food Day this October! Our work is closely aligned with Food Day’s mission of feeding people in need and raising awareness about community-based hunger relief efforts. October 24th also falls right in the middle of our heaviest time of the gleaning season. To celebrate the day, we plan to distribute even more produce than we normally would. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for updates on how we plan to do this!


Fresh Truck’s Food Day Festivities


Fresh Truck will be celebrating Food Day with Haley House and youth from the Hawthorne Youth & Community Center by hosting a series of hands-on educational activities and programs centered around food justice, urban agriculture and food retail business. This local business is committed to bringing more access to fresh food to communities in Boston’s neighborhoods and is spreading the word on Food Day!

Fresh Truck operates 312 sq ft. mobile indoor/ outdoor food markets and food-health learning spaces out of converted school buses. They host weekly food markets and interactive educational programs that promote cooking literacy and nutrition education. Fresh Truck partners with health centers and other community organizations to combine healthcare services with access to affordable, healthy food.


Fresh Truck, Boston’s only mobile food market, today announced it will re-launch its weekly Mobile Market and nutrition education programs on September 15. Additionally, Fresh Truck has added a second truck to its fleet, and will hit the road with valuable new partnerships and a “refreshed” look. With this launch, Fresh Truck will play a critical role in Boston’s healthcare ecosystem, providing families with access to a reliable source of fresh nutritious food.

Food Day Activity for Kids: Make Your Own Applesauce!

By Sharon Sprague






Food Day is a chance for everyone to come together, celebrate real food and inspire Americans to change their diets and our food policies through events, conversation and action. There are plenty of ways to get involved: attend a Food Day event, join the #FoodDayChat twitter chat, or introduce a cooking lesson in your child’s school.


Here’s a fun and easy cooking lesson you can introduce to kids as young as preschool to 5th grade – how to make your own applesauce. It teaches kids essential cooking skills such as how to peel, core, chop, measure, stir and mash. Plus it’s a great way to teach kids where our food comes and the benefits of Eating Real! So let’s get started!


Day prior:

  • Read over ChopChop’s Applesauce recipe and shop for ingredients (each recipe serves four, roughly one apple per child)
  • Make half a batch of ChopChop’s Applesauce (do not mash as you will have the kids complete this step) and store in an airtight container
  • Gather equipment and supplies
  • Confirm parent volunteers


Day of:

  • Set up a peeling station (two peelers, plus receptacle for compost or trash), a coring and chopping station (two cutting boards, two plastic knives, two apple slicers), a measuring station (measuring cups and measuring spoons) and a mashing station (1-2 potato mashers and pre-made applesauce in large bowls
  • Introduce kids to the recipe and review instructions
  • Have kids wash hands and divide class equally among stations
  • Have kids complete each activity at each station (should take 2-3 minutes per child) and rotate until each child has visited each station
  • While applesauce is cooking, have kids sample from the pre-made batch. Ask them how it tastes and which step was their favorite!
  • Challenge students to cook with their families at least once a week!


Recipe from ChopChop Magazine, an award-winning cooking magazine for kids. Endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatrics, ChopChop’s mission is to inspire and teach kids to cook and eat real food with their families. To subscribe to ChopChop or to get more recipes, go to

Massachusetts Schools Celebrate Local Foods All Year Long!

By Lisa Damon




October is such an exciting time in Massachusetts! On the farm it’s harvest time with apples and pears ripening in the orchards and vegetables being brought in from the fields. Students throughout the Commonwealth will be savoring these locally grown foods in their cafeterias as they celebrate the Harvest of the Month with Massachusetts Farm to School. Mass. Farm to School works across the Commonwealth to increase access to healthy, locally grown food in schools and other institutions for the good of our children, our farms, and our communities. Staff members facilitate sustainable purchasing relationships between local institutions and local farms, promote local food and agriculture education for students, and support state, regional and national networking of farm to school practitioners.




In its second year, Mass. Farm to School’s Harvest of the Month campaign successfully promotes a different Massachusetts-grown food each month in K-12, college, and hospital cafeterias. The campaign aims to encourage healthy choices by increasing students’ exposure to seasonal foods while also supporting local farmers and building excitement around school meals. This year over 120 public school districts, nearly 20 private K-12 schools, as well as 7 colleges & universities and 2 hospitals are participating!

In addition to Food Day on October 24, many schools will be taking the opportunity to celebrate the bountiful harvest season all month long, during National Farm to School Month. October is National Farm to School Month and communities here in Massachusetts, and across the country, are finding creative ways to celebrate and sharing their stories every day on the National Farm to School Network blog, on Facebook, and on Twitter #FTSMonth.




In the Northeast, there’s an ongoing photo contest to share what you love about farm to school. Anyone involved with a Northeast farm to school program can enter an original photo, by October 22nd that answers the question: “What do you love about farm to school?” Click here for more info and contest submission guidelines. Great prizes including a Technical Assistance Package and Farm Favorites gift basket are available for the winners.

October has so many opportunities to celebrate local fresh foods in cafeterias! To find out more visit us on Facebook!

Sidekim Foods Celebrates Food Day in a BIG way!

Join Sidekim Foods for their third annual Food day celebration!

DSC_0056 - Copy (2)

Sidekim Foods is a local Food Service company specializing in wholesome, healthy from scratch meals for various nutrition programs. Since 2008 Sidekim foods has grown to provide over 10,000 Healthy meals daily for Preschools, Schools, and Elderly Programs.

In one week Sidekim Foods will join the nationwide celebration of food day by providing nutrition education and healthy food for a community wide event. What is Food Day exactly?  Food day is an opportunity for everyone to stand up and fight for their health, environment, and work equality. Our food system today is broken and together we can begin to fix it. Celebrating food day and promoting nutrition education is important to Sidekim because they believe that it is possible to deliver high quality, nutrient dense, healthy meals to children and seniors. Sidekim Foods will do their part by focusing their event on children. One-third of America’s children are overweight or obese, and what this statistic tells us is that our children are in desperate need of nutrition education. Nutrition education starts by teaching children where food comes from and the differences between fresh local REAL food and Processed Foods. This year on food day children will get to try different local greens & lettuces and compare them to store bought versions. They will also get to create a Lettuce wrap with local lettuce and other fresh vegetables. This hands on demonstration will get children excited to eat a fresh healthy meal all while learning where their food is coming from. Sidekim will also have other food demonstrations to showcase that creating a healthy from scratch meal can be easy and affordable.  Food Day also presents the opportunity to expose processed foods such as  sugar sweetened beverages and how little nutritional value they offer. According to the American Journal of Nutrition, the consumption of sweetened beverages or soft drinks has been associated with weight gain and obesity. Sidekim will have a “what’s in your drink?” display were both children and adults will get to see just how much sugar is actually in the most popular drinks. Teaching children what’s in processed foods and how these foods can have detrimental effects on their health and bodies is the first step in Nutrition education. Also by showing them What REAL food looks like, how good it tastes, and how great it is for the body, can lead to a butterfly effect of smarter choices, better health, academic success, and a happy life. After all we are what we eat!

Please join us at the Sidekim Culinary Center on Friday October 24th from 5:00pm-8:00 pm

82 Sanderson Avenue, Lynn MA, 01902

There will be various food demonstrations, smoothie samples, educational displays, healthy affordable shopping lists for all, basket raffles, cookbook raffles, various local vendor displays, and recipe cards for all!

Please RSVP By E-mail or Phone!

781.595. FOOD