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Working Together for Healthy People and Healthy Land

VegetablesWhen Nourish Boston first came together about a year ago, our ambitions were broad: nutrition education, increasing food access, supporting local farmers, encouraging health and fitness, and connecting members of the Boston community with their food, the earth, and each other. A year later, these goals remain unchanged, but building partnerships has emerged as the key strategy in turning any of these ideas into reality.

There is an incredible sense of community in Boston, and there are many like-minded organizations that are working to promote and support health and wellness. Nourish Boston was not the first to imagine a city in which all residents feel a connection to the land and to the food that comes from it. Organizations cannot act in isolation, but rather we must work together in concert to achieve our goals. Engaging both the Boston area community and joining the collective movement of organizations working to make Boston healthy is crucial.

Fresh TruckNourish Boston has collaborated with the Fresh Truck to support their efforts to make healthy food accessible to all and to help individuals and families make more informed choices when food shopping. This past spring, Nourish Boston members joined the Fresh Truck team at Fit for a King, an Urban Field Day at Dorchester’s Martin Luther King Jr. K-8 school. Students and their families received healthy produce from the Fresh Truck, and learned about the sugar content of their favorite drinks, how to recognize a healthy meal or snack among unhealthy options, and tasted mashed sweet potatoes donated by the Haley House restaurant.

FIt for a King

How much sugar is in your drink?

Our volunteers have joined the Dorchester Community Food Cooperative, the Sustainability Guild International, and Earthseed Yoga in offering weekly community fitness and wellness classes to build their Bowdoin Geneva Hub into a resource for healthy activities. We have also worked with Taza Chocolate in a joint online education effort to encourage discussion around the importance of local, organic, and fair trade foods.

It is so important to work collaboratively when it comes to promoting healthy eating and healthy lifestyles. After all, great food is meant to be shared. Growing, sharing, preparing, and eating food with one another builds community.

To celebrate Food Day, Nourish Boston will be teaming up with the Mission Hill Health Movement by providing recipe cards and educational information about nutritional “super foods” at the farmer’s market in Roxbury Crossing on Tuesday October 22nd and in Brigham Circle on Thursday October 24th

In partnering with great organizations across Boston, Nourish is able to complement existing efforts for healthy living— and there are many! We’re proud to be just one of many passionate organizations fighting to improve access to healthy foods and encouraging community members to engage with their health, their community, and their environment.

FoodDayMA and Innovation

 It’s fitting that one of our state’s unique contributions to Food Day’s mission to advance healthy, affordable, and sustainable food is innovation.  That’s innovation in many forms – technology, nutrition, growing seasons, peculiar foods and activism.  Every August Mass Innovation Nights hosts its annual “Foodie Event” to celebrate food-related innovation.  This year’s event takes place on August 8th in Woburn, MA.

One of our favorite past participant food-related innovators that reflects Food Day’s mission is Freight Farms.  They are are high-volume crop production units made from upcycled shipping containers that allow users to manage their harvest cycle through real time digital monitoring and harvest support services.  Freight Farms use advanced growing technology and human-centered design to help communities create flourishing local food economies in any environment.  Sustainable design allows high yield agriculture to empower community growth.

Freight Farms’ first venture in Worcester has lead to an interesting alliance with Clark University and student initiatives in the community.

Innovators participating in Mass Innovation Nights “Foodie Event” on August 8th include ApotheCaring Wellness Tea, Bell Tower Mobile Market, Biena Roasted Chickpeas, Bittersweet Boston Gluten Free Desserts , EarthHook shopping cart attachment, Mill River Winery’s 2012 Wines, Of Course Ready-to-Make Meals™, ONCEMADE Beer from Pintley, Pipe Dream Cupcakes, Root Cellar Preserves, Stump Chunks fire starter, T’ART Tart In a Bag , ThriveSpot Mobile Websites for Restaurants , UReserv online restaurant reservations.  RSVP for this free event.  We’ll be promoting Food Day there.

Take a minute to comment with a shout-out to your favorite food-related innovators in Massachusetts and what they’re doing.