The Fifth annual Babson Food Day (October 20-21) begins tomorrow! Below is a snapshot of the agenda.  For full details and the speaker line-up, visit: http://www.babson/edu/foodday.


At Food Sol, we believe that “food is everybody’s business.” For Babson Food Day, there is no registration, no fee to attend (lunch is $10 for non-Babson) and all 5 sessions are come-when-you-can. 


Tuesday, October 20

5-7:00 p.m.:  Boston’s celebrity chefs unpack dining innovation

Wednesday, October 21

8-9:00 a.m.:  Food business leaders discuss the future of food

10-noon:  Food thought leaders share their food stories

Noon-2:00 p.m.:  Food entrepreneurs fair + Locally-sourced lunch (lunch is $10 for non-Babson attendees)

2-4:00 p.m.:  Food entrepreneurs crowdsource ideas at The Quick Service Incubator (how it works:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZA3FDmqQJw4)


Babson College is located at 231 Forest Street, Wellesley MA 02481.  From the Main Gate, you’ll find plenty of signage and a friendly campus to help direct you.
(For updates on Food Sol’s year-round programming and more on what we do: visit http://www.foodsol.org and click SIGN UP NOW to register for our Weekly.)

Please help us to spread the word about Babson Food Day – and we very much hope to see you there!


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